Economic Region Thun

Welcome to Thun. The economic region of Thun is the third largest agglomeration in the canton of Bern, comprises 13 municipalities and covers an area of around 18,000 hectares. The region is home to around 110,000 inhabitants and offers not only an above-average quality of life but also breathtaking surroundings with Lake Thun and the Alps. Set a new standard - with a location in the economic region of Thun.

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Legal insights

Yes. Subleasing is allowed, in general.
Yes, there are restrictions.
Subletting is not possible without the consent of the landlord.
No, extensions can not be excluded by contract.
No, liability insurance is not required by law.
Yes, landlords normally require liability insurance.
No, a permit is not required to operate a retail trading business. There may be permits required for construction and other work, though.