Offer your shop to thousands of brands.

The easiest way to rent short-term retail space.

How it works.

  • Get bookings (space is bookable online)

    For smaller or fully-equipped spaces, tables, walls or shelves

  • Listing is free
    We get booking commissions from tenants
  • Brands send booking requests for your space
    Incl. details on their brand, products and shop concept
  • Accept or reject booking requests within 7 days
    You can also ask a tenant for more details
  • You get the rent at start of the lease
    We collect it and forward it to you
  • Get leads (space is not bookable online)

    For spaces that require more coordination efforts

  • CHF 30 / month per listing
    Pay online, cancel at any time
  • Brands send inquiries for your space
    Incl. complete contact info and details on their brand, products and shop concept
  • Negotiate the rental agreement with our messaging system
    It's easy and fast