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Outdoor Space Available in The Loop in Clarendon

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Promotional space in Arlington • Space 300 sq ft Ideal for Restaurant, Promotion/Activation, Event, Brand Experience, Car Promotion, Storage, Market, Filming/Photography, Consultation Floor Ground

Outdoor space perfect for carts/kiosks and food trucks in Clarendon

Outdoor space perfect for carts/kiosks and food trucks inside the iconic 10-acre hub steps from the metro on one of the best shopping streets in Arlington. Merchant is able to set up in the black rectangular areas within the yellow box. Approximate measurements there are 25ft x 12ft per space.

Space features

Customer parking

Availability calendar

Special price

House rules

Applicant must fill out Occupancy and Indemnification Agreement. Tenant is responsible for: certificate of insurance with Regency listed as additional insurance, obtaining approval and permits if necessary from city.

Minimum Rental

Lease start (time)

1 day