Although famous for manufacturing, Stuttgart also has a considerable offering in the retail space. With shopping centres and malls being popular, there is plenty to choose from when hosting a pop-up shop.

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Yes. Subleasing is allowed, in general.
Yes, there are restrictions.
Subleasing is not possible without the landlord's consent unless the landlord's permission has already been explicitly given in the tenancy agreement.
No, extensions can not be excluded by contract.
The tenant can only extend the lease if it contains an option to extend.
The tenant can only extend the lease if it contains an option to extend.
No, liability insurance is not required by law.
No, landlords normally do not require liability insurance.
No, a permit is not required to operate a retail trading business. There may be permits required for construction and other work, though.
In general, no special permits are required for the exercise of most businesses. However, certain businesses require special permits and licenses. Please note that business registration is required in Germany. The registration must be made at the local trade office (Gewerbeamt) or regulatory agency (Ordnungsamt) before or at the same time as the start of the business.
You can find more information on business registration under the following link:
Shops are allowed to be open around the clock from Monday to Saturday. Sale of goods is not permitted on the following days: - On Sundays and public holidays - On December 24th, if this day is a working day, from 2 p.m. Please note: - There are exceptions for some industries (like petrol stations, pharmacies, health resorts, airports, etc.) or specific goods (like sale of fresh bakery products, flowers, etc.)
Exceptional permits under the Shop Closing Hours Act can only be granted if the exceptions are urgently required in the public interest. You can request the permits from the local authority.
A special use permit is required. You can apply for a special use permit for roads at the Baden-Württemberg service portal.
A special use permit for roads is required.