Spaces for Christmas Promotions and Sales


For most tenants using POP UP SHOPS Christmas and New Year holidays remain a seasonal peak and a major part to boost their yearly sales. Whether they want to promote their business or perform direct sales, they are looking for the most relevant spaces for their project. The Covid-19 restrictions had a significant impact on the way consumers purchase goods or services. As a consequence, the choice of the right space is even more crucial.

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What kind of spaces are in demand for Christmas?

Most tenants seek small promotional spaces in shopping centers with medium to high footfall locations that allow them to install their small temporary shop, perform flyering actions or distribute samples. In other words, they are looking for promotional spaces of 10-20 sqm with basic services that will allow them to meet with a high volume of potential customers. But also medium-sized spaces of 30-50 sqm with a moderate footfall are popular. Especially for tenants that are looking to present a wider range of products. Shopping centers often offer these kind of spaces in strategic locations where they know that the average basket is likely higher, so consumer are likely to buy more than 1 product from a seller. Then, there are also spaces in high streets or close to high footfall locations. The COVID-19 related restrictions also pushed many businesses to start promoting and selling outside of buildings. This is a clear trend in this pandemic. Even if the level of demand is high, we could secure a certain amount of external promotional spaces on our platform. They can be booked for a limited time or for the whole season.

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