36x50 Advertising Opportunity

2 of 6 Advertising Opportunities At An Outdoor Shopping Center with 6 Million Visits a Year, The Gallery at Westbury Plaza

Garden City, Vereinigte Staaten

Poster · Ideal für Ausverkauf, Promotion, Markenerfahrung, Flyerverteilung · Fläche 12 sq ft


Pro Monat USD 300.00


Mindestdauer: 30 Tage
Maximaldauer: 1 Jahr
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A 36x50 enclosed print advertising opportunity at an outdoor shopping center with 6 million visits a year, The Gallery at Westbury Plaza. This is two of six opportunities on the ground level of the property. Advertising panels are located on both sides of 3 cases at the busiest area in the center. They are located in front of Old Navy, HomeGoods, and Bassett. There are eight available in the Customer parking garage as well.


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Applicant must fill out agreement with owner. User is responsible printing and shipping/delivering artwork to the local office for install.