Stress-Free Booking: Pop Up Shops Now Offer Free Tenant Liability Insurance

Pop Up Shops is helping you plan for every eventuality by offering a free comprehensive liability insurance with every booking through the platform.

Pop Up Shops is helping you plan for every eventuality by offering a free comprehensive liability insurance with every booking through the platform.
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Hosting and running pop-up shops, promotions, showrooms and events is fast-paced, demanding, and exciting. From experience design and stock planning to marketing and staffing, there is a lot to take in to consideration. Even when executing considered due diligence and calculating risk assessments, it is possible that some eventualities can be overlooked.

This is precisely why POP UP SHOPS has partnered with Zurich Insurance Group to offer all our customers comprehensive tenant liability insurance. This insurance has been specially designed to cover short-term rentals. It helps protect both landlords and tenants against any potential damages or risks that may occur.

Picture a scenario, where a space is rented which has a poorly fitted light fixture. In the unfortunate event of that fixture falling on someone, or causing damage to the space, our unique liability insurance will protect both the tenant and the landlord against any damage charges, throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Ultimately, we’ve decided to work with Zurich Insurance Group because we understand how important this extra level of security is to our tenants and landlords. The move to include tenant liability insurance, free of charge, with every booking made through POP UP SHOPS, is just part of our goal to offer customers a smooth rental experience with ultimate peace of mind.

What is Covered by Our Insurance?

Our insurance has been developed to complement tenant-owned liability insurance and to extend their coverage. It is applied automatically to any booking made through POP UP SHOPS at no additional cost regardless of location or type.

In addition to the usual cover, tenants are covered for:

-Loss prevention expenses for bodily injury or property damage up to CHF 1,000,000

-Loss of keys

-Reputation costs

What is Not Covered by Our Insurance?

Although our insurance offers wide-ranging cover, there are some scenarios where it is not applicable. An example of this would be if a tenant made any deliberate, unarranged alterations to a rented space. It would also not cover any damages which are caused either wilfully or via detrimental usage.

Why is Liability Insurance Important?

With proper caution and planning, damages are rare during pop-ups. However, it is impossible to plan and mitigate every eventuality.

That is why the specialist insurance that POP UP SHOPS and their expert insurance partner Zurich® have developed is crucial in ensuring all bases are covered. When both tenants and landlords are automatically covered, it allows them to focus on the finer details of hosting and running successful pop-up shops.

What if I Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the liability insurance that we offer in partnership with Zurich Insurance Group, our customer service team will be happy to help.

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