4 Reasons to Open a Pop-Up in Switzerland Right Now

One of the biggest areas that need to be discussed within teams organising pop-ups is LOCATION. The choices range from which country and city to target the type of venues such as a busy shopping centre or trendy art gallery.

One of the biggest areas that need to be discussed within teams organising pop-ups is LOCATION. The choices range from which country and city to target the type of venues such as a busy shopping centre or trendy art gallery.
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Pop-up shops offer businesses a host of benefits, including a high level of mobility that allows businesses to go where the customers are. Thanks to a well thought out pop-up shop, you can both re-engage your audience that may otherwise become static, and attract a new one. This is true whether you are launching a new product or simply showing your customers what your brand is all about.

But it isn’t as simple as just ‘putting on’ a pop-up shop. Businesses need to consider many factors ranging from how they are going to grab people's attention to which products or services they are going to push.

In this article, we explore why right now is one of the best times ever to host a pop-up shop in Switzerland.

Covid-19 in Switzerland

The first question you are going to ask yourself when looking to host a pop-up shop at this time is whether it is realistic given global restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The potential to run a busy, popular and profitable pop-up shop depends heavily on three key areas in any location:

  • The current rates of infections
  • The current success of the vaccination roll-out
  • The authorities “appetite” for reopening the economy

These three factors vary widely from country to country but are not necessarily dependent on each other. For example, some countries with higher numbers of infections have opened their economies more than those that have a relatively low rate.

Fortunately, Switzerland has made good progress in their vaccination program and have also seen a positive drop in rates of infections over the last couple of months. This has resulted in many restrictions being relaxed, making pop-ups in the country an enticing reality.

"Switzerland plans to allow larger gatherings, re-open wellness centers and let restaurants serve food indoors as the country gets a better grip on the coronavirus pandemic. Shopping is allowed with some restrictions, such as the wearing of masks.

As rates of infections continue to stay low or fall and the roll-out of vaccines continues to rise, we are likely to see more relaxations in the rules, making it easier to host successful pop-up shops in key cities like Zurich.

Switzerland’s Neighbours

Switzerland’s neighbouring countries including Germany and Austria have also made progress in lowering the rate of Covid-19 infections and the roll-out of vaccinations however they have a tighter regime in terms of restrictions.

This further strengthens Switzerland’s position as a great location for pop-up shops, offering a large area of relative freedom of movement compared to other geographical locations, helping businesses engage a potentially large and diverse audience.

These countries also offer opportunities themselves to host pop-ups or to include in a series of pop-ups that covers multiple countries.

Retail in Germany

Studies from early 2021 highlighted some concerns over the retail industry in Germany, with reports of a 4.5% fall in sales in January. This fall has widely been attributed to the closure of shops during the lockdown and the end of a temporary sales cut.

More recent rules have meant many shops have been able to reopen their doors. However, restrictions are still considered tight in Germany. Shoppers in the country need to prove that they have a recent, negative coronavirus test and book an appointment before they can begin to shop. This, in turn, has caused some concerns.

Retail in Austria

Austria has also been able to relax restrictions around retail due to a recent dip in Covid-19 rates. Like most countries, there are still rules to follow when shopping, such as the fact that all shoppers must wear an FFP2 mask when shopping to protect themselves and others.

Why Pop-Up in Switzerland?

1. Low Infections Rates

We have already discussed in detail the current situation in Switzerland and how Covid-19 rates are on a downwards curve. This makes Swiss cities a perfect location for hosting pop-up shops, helping you keep staff and customers safe.

2. Affluent Population

One of the biggest reasons why businesses decide to host pop-up shops in Switzerland is because of its affluent population, offering businesses access to a large audience of individuals with big spending power.

Some astounding figures show just how affluent the population of Switzerland is:

Switzerland accounts for 1.8% of the top 1% of global wealth holders, which is remarkable for a country with just 0.1% of the world’s adult population. About two-thirds of Swiss adults have assets above $100,000, and 12% are dollar millionaires, the study found.” - swissinfo.ch

Given these facts, it is no surprise that retailers, especially luxurious brands are common in major cities in Switzerland such as Zurich and Geneva.

3. Jump on the Buzz

Although there are challenges for any retailer at the moment, now is the perfect time to host a pop-up shop in Switzerland.

As the restrictions surrounding lockdowns begin to ease, many consumers are keen to get out and about, enjoying the experiences they have missed. We are already seeing a buzz return to Swiss shopping centers and high streets and are sure to see a surge in this as a sense of normality returns.

This excitement is also paired with the upcoming summer season, which is always a popular time to run events in the city.

4. Ideal location

Not only is Switzerland home to an affluent population, but is also the ideal location for those who wish to benefit from proximity to other European powers such as Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

Although some travel restrictions are still in place, the continuing relaxation of these rules is sure to see freedom of travel to these neighbouring countries ease up in the coming months.

Pop-Up Shops in Switzerland

Pop-up shops are a great way to re-engage audiences, which have not been able to partake in physical retail in some time. There are many benefits to hosting your pop-up in Switzerland ranging from its central location to the relative relaxation of rules.

Written by POP UP SHOPS - May 20, 2021
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