FBOffer your shop to thousands of brands.

The easiest way to rent short-term retail space.

How it works.

POP UP SHOPS allows you to get our space out in front of thousands of brands. Rent out your pop up shop online or receive inquiries only.
Allow online bookings for your space and listing your space is free. If you prefer to just receive leads, we charge a low monthly fee.

  • Get bookings (space is bookable online)

    For smaller or fully-equipped spaces, tables, walls or shelves

  • Listing is free
    We get booking commissions from tenants
  • Brands send booking requests for your space
    Incl. details on their brand, products and shop concept
  • Accept or reject booking requests within 7 days
    You can also ask a tenant for more details
  • You get the rent at start of the lease
    We collect it and forward it to you
  • Get leads (space is not bookable online)

    For spaces that require more coordination efforts

  • CHF 30 / month per listing
    Pay online, cancel at any time
  • Brands send inquiries for your space
    Incl. complete contact info and details on their brand, products and shop concept
  • Negotiate the rental agreement with our messaging system
    It's easy and fast

The Features.

Free to list

List your Pop Up Shop for free.

Price and Availability

Define daily, weekly or monthly prices and availability - with the freedom to make changes at any time.

Standardized flow

Take advantage of the standardized procedure of online rentals and minimize costs.

Stay in charge

Have the final say in who uses your space and rent to exciting tenants.

The Concepts.

Concept Store

Test new ideas, concepts and locations, easy and flexible. Get rapid customer feedback with maximum exposure for minimal effort.

Brand Store

Create a pop up shop around your brand and make it come alive for your customers by focussing on a unique brand experience.

Product Event

Let your product take the center stage and allow your customers to learn more about it.

Sale Store

Increase your sales capacity seasonal or expand your online store in the form of an offline retail outlet. Never underestimate the importance of face-to-face conversations for your brand.